Terms of Service

✔️Will Draw✔️
  • Original Characters

  • Fan Characters

  • Hetero/Gay Couples

  • Gijinkas

  • Human(oids)

  • Animals/ Ferals

  • Furries/ Anthros

  • TV / Game / Comic Characters

  • Blood

  • Characters of All Ages

💭Might Draw💭
  • Armor

  • Gore

  • 'Suggestive' / Pin-up

Wont Draw
  • Explicit Content

    • Sexual Acts​

    • ​Violence / Abusive Themes​

    • Fetishes of any kind

  • Extreme Gore

  • Mecha / Gundam

  • Hyper Anything

Other Notes
  • Additional Fees may be applied through the following:

    • Extra characters are +100% of the base price per character. 

    • Complexity of character(s) designs and details​: +10$

    • Rush Order: +55% of the base price; applied when a commission is requested to be completed before a specific date.

      • You MUST give me 48 hours notice in advance to the date you want the piece completed by, otherwise I can not guarantee completion on time.​


  • DO NOT copy, trace, redistribute, steal or sell my artwork

  • All commissions will be drawn in my own style- I will not accept commissions in other styles.Artwork made for the commissioner(s) may be posted, edited, used for personal NON PROFIT causes as long as the watermark is not removed and the artist is properly credited.

  • The copyright of the artwork belongs to the artist (XRed-Moon), but the characters involved in the piece retain ownership by the commissioner(s), receiver(s) and creator(s) of the characters.

  • I am allowed to use and post the artwork in art galleries, portfolio and other promotional devices unless specified by the commissioner.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission as I see fit.

  • I have a difficult time seeing dark colors- so if a character has multiple dark colors on them, I will have to lighten them a bit to be able to see it.

  • Prices include the additional Paypal fee.

  • Contact will be done through email only. Not discord, or DMs. 


  • Commissions are done through a slot based system. When slots are open, do not ask me for a slot. Simply fill out the form and your order will be subject for review. An invoice will be sent through Paypal if I've accepted your commission.

  • Limited slots available on Sundays. Notification of availability can be found on my social media sites.

  • Commissioner MUST have a visual reference for the character they want drawn

    • I will not accept commissions with written text

    • I will accept commissions with reference images off of Google and cobbled together.

      • As long as the reference is visual it is acceptable

    • References MUST be SFW

  • Be clear and specific with what you want. Provide reference material if necessary, this includes "commissioner doodles" to help get a point across.

    • If you do not specify what you want from the get go, I am free to use my own artistic liberties to create a pose myself.​

  • USD Paypal payments only. Payment is upfront via invoice.

  • Payment must be paid in full before work is started on the piece unless commissioner uses a payment plan.

    • Orders above 200$ may discuss a payment plan with me.​

  • I do not accept refunds or cancellations after I've received payment unless I am the one cancelling.

    • If I cancel a commission, the commissioner will be contacted and a full refund will be processed through Paypal.​


  • I will not start working on a piece until I have received payment in full*

    • *Payment plans users will not get the finished product until all the money has been sent.​

  • Work-In-Progress screencaps will be sent at the following phases​ for approval:

    • Rough Sketch​

    • Lines & Color

      • *Sketch Style Commissions do not apply​

  • The commissioner can request up to two major changes in the Rough Sketch phase, and only one minor change in the Lines & Color phase.

  • ​Changes will not be made to the drawing after it is deemed complete.​

  • Commissions will be done within a week of an order. If there is a delay, the commissioner will be notified.

  • The finished piece will be sent via email to the commissioner.

[T.O.S. Last Updated: September 9th, 2021]

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